Grafton, Utah Ghost Town

I really enjoy ghost towns, so the first thing I did when Bri and I decided to go to Zion National Park was google Utah ghost towns. I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled on this little gem.

Grafton, Utah is an abandoned town right next to Rockville on the way to Zion National Park. It's beautifully preserved with full buildings, fences, and a cemetery. Although people aren't allowed in the church access to a house is unrestricted. It's history, however, is the most interesting part of the town.

In 1859, five families settled down in Grafton to plant crops. Three years later the town received a major flood destroying everything. They rebuilt the town again in 1862, and by 1864, over 160 people lived there.

Unfortunately, 1866 began a series of terrible events for the community when thirteen people died in quick succession. By 1906 the majority of the town moved to Hurricane. Despite all problems many people reunite in Grafton once a year.

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